Mindfulness-Based Intervention 

Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Athletes sessions provide specific guidance to develop self-awareness and therefore to deliver a consistent and optimal performance. These sessions can help you synchronise your body and mind, and to channel that synergy to enter a flow state and stay in the present moment.


Since the sessions are based on training your mindfulness ‘muscle’, weekly practice and feedback are crucial.


Sessions can be customised to suit the athlete’s needs and are focused on mindfulness and mental training techniques that are specifically tailored for sportspeople.

In the sessions, we will cover themes such as:

- Mental awareness

- Correction of body gestures and posture

- Goal setting and achievement

- Stress management

- Relaxation techniques

- Improving concentration

- Overcoming inner blocks

- Re-gaining your motivation

- Creating routines

- Time management

- Mindful eating


The number of sessions will be agreed with the athlete.

Sessions can be held both in person and online on either Zoom or Skype.